Jumpo Press Advertising Agency offers the following types of small diaries, format A6:

Diary №1 dated

Diary format A6 dated

Diary №2 undated New product!
printed on Ecco book cream

Diary format A6 №2 undated

Small diary №1 dated, format A6 (10x14.5 cm), 368 pages, 17 pages information part in Bulgarian (prices).

Small diary №2 undated, format A6 (10,5х16 сm), 224 pages, 16 pages information part in Bulgarian and English. (prices).

The diaries №1 and №2 are made with different types of artificial leather covers:

We offer to imprint your company logo on the covers via different printing technologies:

We make special packages for big diaries - a paper bag 22x36x4 cm, with the company logo and other details, made of special kraft white or brown rip paper with textile cord (prices)

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