Wall Calendars

Jumpo Press Advertising Agency offers executive wall calendars with three separate calendar blocks, different size and types of cardboard backing:

Characteristics of executive wall calendars with three separate calendar blocks:

  • Body: calendar blocks consisting of 12 months each, perforated tear-away sheets, a sliding date indicator, each block size is 32x16 cm, printed on white bond 80 gsm in two inks (black and red or blue and red), 3 languages (BG, ENG, D). The three blocks contain information about the official holidays in the EU countries and other neighbouring countries. Information about religious holidays, name days, zodiacal dates is also included.
  • Cardboard backing: white coated cardboard 300 gsm, relief cardboard backing, full color cardboard backing, die-cutting, UV varnish
  • Advert Area: printing colours and logos according to the clients' requirements, the size is 34 cm wide, 18 to 24 cm high
  • UV varnish

For all kinds of executive wall calendars we offer standard designs of the advert area - specially developed 9 samples, which can be personalised in 1 or 2 colours with your corporate details, message and logo.

Wall calendars head1

Head № 1

Wall calendars head2

Head № 2

Wall calendars head3

Head № 3

Wall calendars head4

Head № 4

Wall calendars head5

Head № 5

Wall calendars head6

Head № 6

Wall calendars head7

Head № 7

Wall calendars head8

Head № 8

Wall calendars head9

Head № 9

Wall calendars head10

Head № 10

Wall calendars head11

Head № 11

Wall calendars head12

Head № 12

Wall calendars head13

Head № 13

Wall calendars head14

Head № 14

Wall calendars head15

Head № 15

Wall calendars head16

Head № 16

Wall calendars head17

Head № 17

Wall calendars head18

Head № 18

Wall calendars head19

Head № 19

Wall calendars head20

Head № 20

We make several kinds of packages for executive wall calendars with 3 blocks: