Wall Calendars

Jumpo Press Advertising Agency offers 6-sheet illustrated wall calendars with 12 landscapes, size 32.5x38.5 cm, double sided full colour print plus UV varnish on high quality coated gloss art paper 150 gsm, white wirebound with hanging loop. (prices)

wall calendars with 12 landscapes

Each page contains calendar of the current month in 2 languages - Bulgarian and English.

Cardboard backing for the printing of the company logo and other details, advertising area size is 32.5x3.5 cm.

sheet1 sheet2 sheet3
sheet4 sheet5 sheet6
sheet7 sheet8 sheet9
sheet10 sheet11 sheet12

we make special packages for 6-sheet illustrated wall calendars - a paper bag, 35x41x7 cm, with the company logo and other details, made of special kraft white or brown rip paper with textile cord (prices)

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